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Individual Psychotherapy

I am licensed in California, therefore I provide therapy to California residents via videoconferencing.

I work with individuals who are experiencing:

  • the effects of trauma and distressing life events
  • anxiety and/or depression that is affecting relationships and daily activities
  • grief and various kinds of loss
  • difficulty with transitions and adjustments to changing circumstances
  • a need to establish healthy boundaries in relationships
  • a desire to work through family of origin issues
  • a feeling of loneliness and/or insignificance
  • spiritual trauma/distress

Consultation for the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model

I am an approved IFS Consultant providing consultation for clinicians and practitioners who are interested in learning more about and improving their skills in the IFS model.

Please contact me for more information.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

A therapeutic approach that enables people to heal from symptoms of unresolved traumatic experiences.

During a therapy session, the client is aware of the trauma while experiencing bilateral stimulation – either eye movements or tapping.

The structured process of EMDR therapy helps the brain process traumatic memories and assists the autonomic nervous system with becoming unstuck from its fight, flight, freeze response.

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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

A rapidly growing, compassionate, therapeutic model developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz. From the time we are born, we experience distressing or traumatic experiences either in our homes or somewhere within our various environments. We may knowingly or unknowingly carry the burdens of unresolved past experiences in the present. These burdens may show up as anxiety, depression, perfectionism, shame, internal criticism, compulsions, etc.

In IFS therapy, we explore your internal system of various “parts” or aspects of yourself that are stuck trying to manage the difficulties you have experienced in the past and in the present. When you can understand and respect these various parts of yourself, you can then move toward and heal the pain that these parts have been trying so hard to manage. For more information about IFS, please click here: