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Providing Online/Telehealth Psychotherapy
for California Residents


We All Struggle Now & Then

Sometimes we can work through life’s difficulties with the help of trusted friends, family members, a spiritual counselor, or reading insightful books and articles.

We need supportive resources in our lives. But if you are experiencing anxiety or depressive feelings, unhealthy repeated patterns, or you’re just feeling stuck and unable to make sustaining changes you want in your life, therapy may offer the deeper sense of wellbeing for which you are looking.

You Are Not Alone

These are challenges that many people experience:

  • Feeling disconnected and/or not your true self
  • Feeling not good enough and/or comparing yourself to others
  • Feeling anxious, uncertain, lacking confidence
  • Experiencing negative thoughts and/or self-criticism and shame
  • Experiencing difficulties in relationships
  • Feeling stuck

Anxiety is felt for a variety of reasons. It may be partly due to a change or struggle in a relationship, loss, unmet expectations, or traumatic or distressing experiences — recent or in one’s personal history.

I can help you explore what it is that is keeping you from your full potential. I will meet you wherever you are at in your life’s story and create safety with a supportive, caring, and non-judgmental attitude. I can help you work through the tough challenges and find a sense of calm, clarity and connectedness.


If you are interested in therapy, please email, or call me to schedule a free initial consultation phone call to see if we are a good fit to work together. A consultation phone call is up to 15 minutes.

– Roxanne Strauss, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Roxanne Strauss, MA LMFT